kouao playin footsie? yes. boy howdy u bet ur damn skippy yes. koujaku playin footsie with aoba while they’re cuddled up on the couch watchin a movie and koujaku doesn’t even seem to realize he’s doin it but aoba can’t even focus on the movie because of how embarrassing and cute he thinks it is. aoba and koujaku havin dinner with tae and koujaku footsie-ing with aoba from across the table and aoba incredulously wondering how his dumb boyfriend could carry on a conversation like everything’s normal while being so shameless in front of granny. aoba and koujaku going out for dinner/drinks with friends and as the night goes on aoba is incredibly aware of the fact that the more alcohol koujaku consumes the higher his foot moves from aoba’s toes to his ankle to his knee to his inner thigh and aoba swears the only reason he’s not saying anything is because it’d be embarrassing to bring up among friends, not at all because he’s dangerously close to admitting he doesn’t resent koujaku’s footsie habit quite as much as he thought he did. aoba and koujaku sitting at koujaku’s table the next morning, slightly hungover and having breakfast in a comfortable silence, and just as aoba is getting ready to chew koujaku out over last night’s footsie shenanigans he catches koujaku looking at him from across the table with that stupid warm smile that makes him melt on his face and aoba’s like “what??” and koujaku just exhales a laugh and says “am i rubbing off on you?”

aoba is confused for a split second before blushing in horror as he realizes they’re playing footsie again, except this time he’s the one that initiated it without realizing

in conclusion: kouao playing footsie


waiting to hang out

cr. 毛魂一本線


we believe in you ishimaru


i found a leather jacket made for build-a-bears in my closet so naturally i had to put it on my cat


Okay picture the most stoic character you know

Now picture them on the “It’s a Small World” ride at Disneyland while wearing Mickey Mouse ears and sitting next to the most happy-go-lucky character you know