i think izumida is the most relatable character in yowapeda bc i, too, am horrendously gay for shinkai hayato



R.I.P. the actual meaning of the word “aesthetics” 

the way this website uses “aesthetics” is 100% in line with the dictionary definition, what’s the weather like up there on your high horse


both directions on the street were so beautiful this morning. how can anything look this good!!! 

me: hello darkness my old friend
darkness: do i know u


instagram dump PART IV (I keep posting instagrams in lieu of actual polished work but I promise I’ll have something nice to show soon)


people who complain that pluto isnt considered one of our major planets anymore make me think of people in the 1500s being like “REMEMBER WHEN THE SUN USED TO REVOLVE AROUND THE EARTH WHY DOES SCIENCE HAVE TO RUIN EVERYTHING”


「メーデーメーデー 大人になっちゃう」