your meatsprite; kanaya

your kismesis; snowman HA

your moirail; summoner ok…..

patron troll; sollux but he’s already my patron lame

best friend; tavros awww

murderer; vriska NOOOOOOOOOO



oh wait I misclicked for patron troll and got Disciple but SERIOUSLY

matesprit: dualscar
kismesis: handmaid
moirail: gamzee
patron: eridan
best friend: spades slick
murderer: GEROMY……

sounds about right

Your matesprit: Terezi

Your kismesis: Vriska

Your moirail: Diamonds Droog

Your patron troll: Her Imperial Condescention

Your best friend: Equius

Your murderer: Bec Noir.

i’m banging two solluxes. nothing else matters.

Matesprit: Dirk (yesssss)
Kismesis: Sollux (double yesss)
Moirail: Nepeta (aww sounds fun!)
Patron troll: the signless (…ok…)
Best friend: Sollux (wait what kind of kismesis is this..)
Murderer:  ..meenah………..

Matesprit: Grand Highblood (oh god)

Kismesis: Terezi

Moirail: Equius (awwwww!)

Patron troll: the Handmaid

Your best friend: Spades Slick (take that hussie!)

Your murderer: Bec Noir (welp) 

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    matesprit: mindfang kismesis: redglare (omg) moirail: the handmaid patron troll: feferi (yeeeaaa) best friend: bec...
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    matesprit: gamzee kismesis: tavros moirail: handmaid patron troll: tavros best friend: karkat murderer: hussie help
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