watch me descend into hell via bike

closeup because it looks hella cool

Im just going to post this because i dont think I’ll be able to finish it for today

Anyways…..Happy birthday bunny boy!!!!

Onod a should be illegal hes too cute

last time i upload i swear

bbbb its suppoused to hava some sort of hipster sad poem underneath but w/e

sort of a WIP

I made a thing and its transparent so check it out 

its supoused to be pixel stuff but tumblr shrank it sooo (its my fault i made it too big lel)

best villain also sexiest fucking voice in dmmd

best villain also sexiest fucking voice in dmmd

A little something I did for my sisters 15th birthday u v u

the flowers look really cool tho (I need a cellphone with a better camera)

ayyy i couldnt get to finish this so i cropped it but

aoba and ren <3

going the full anime

since i havent really drawn anyhing in a while i’ll show you the yume nikki thingies i made the other day