Does this count as inktober?

charruwan do naruto do it you anime loving

say that to my face, you come right over here and say that right to my face

Yume nikkiiiiii series???

the best part of the yume nikki manga is that they canonically confirmed that no one has mouths, there are no mouths

cool hand like kagune cuz thats what im about

also tumblr is being a poop ; v ;

I've been watching that biking anime, so yeh. Yowamushi Pedal '7'


not that you’d ever catch me wearing that green monstrosity

tried to do manga style bcuz the anime doesnt even have one

fuck dio but dang he looks good in this screencap

watch me descend into hell via bike

closeup because it looks hella cool

Im just going to post this because i dont think I’ll be able to finish it for today

Anyways…..Happy birthday bunny boy!!!!

Onod a should be illegal hes too cute

last time i upload i swear